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RPA Series

RPA Universal & Custom Ceiling Projector Mounts

The top-selling ceiling projector mount in the industry! This ceiling projector mount is installed in more offices, schools and homes than any other mount.

Custom mounts can be found by using MountFinder for the specific product or by search for the custom SKU. 

Note: This is a product series page. Specific products in this series are listed below.

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RPA Series products

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Universal Projector Mount (2nd Generation Interface Technology, Black)
Universal Projector Mount (2nd Generation Interface Technology, Silver)
Universal Projector Mount (2nd Generation Interface Technology,White)
RPA Universal Ceiling Projector Mount, TAA Compliant




  • Independent roll, pitch and yaw for quick and precise projector registration
  • Quick connect/disconnect for convenient lamp and filter access on most projectors
  • Maintains registration when disconnected and doesn't affect preset adjustments
  • All-Points Security exclusive steel-into-steel locking hardware at all key connection points to protect against theft
  • Multiple installation options: flush mount to ceiling, mount with 0.25" threaded rods, or mount with 1.5" NPT threaded extension column
  • Cable management without additional accessories




Adjustments: Roll: 4°
Pitch: 25°
Yaw: 360°, 12° on flush mount
Certifications: UL Listed
Color: Black, Silver, White
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.8" x 6.5" x 5.5" (44 x 165 x 140 mm)
Solution Type: Universal, Custom
Weight Capacity: 50 lbs (22.7 kg)



Lateral Shift


Suspended Ceiling

Speed-Connect Adjustable Columns
Speed-Connect Fixed Extension Column
Lateral Shift Brackets for Projector Mounts
Projector Mount Security Cage
Ceiling Plates
Suspended Kits
Suspended Kits
Suspended Ceiling Projector Mount Kits

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much height will the RPA add to my installation?:
A: The RPA top is only 1.75" (44 mm) high plus approximately 0.75" (19 mm) for the projector bracket.

Q: Do I need to order the SLB projector bracket separately?:
A: No, the assembly ships complete when you order an RPA ceiling mount. The SLB bracket is a separate part number and is used only for Chief SMART-LIFTS™. The RPA part number includes both the universal top and SLB bracket.

Q: How much assembly is required for the RPA?:
A: None, just attach the SLB bracket to your projector. If you choose to use All-Points™ you will need to replace indicated screws with included hardware. No disassembly needed.

Q: How much weight does the mount hold?:
A: Each mount is custom designed to support the weight of the projector models specified. However, your ceiling must hold at least 5 times the weight of your installation.

Q: How does Chief's All-Points™ Security System work?:
A:The system locks the projector and mount with security hardware at all key connection points: Roll, Pitch and Yaw adjustments; bracket-to-projector; and mount-to-bracket.

Q: Do I have to order All-Points™ separately?:
A: No, All-Points™ is included in all RPA packages at no additional cost and is optional to use.

Q: Do I need any additional accessories to install the RPA?:
A: The RPA can be flush mounted to the ceiling without any additional accessories for a low profile, simple installation. However, often times you will need to lower the projector from a structural, finished or suspended ceiling. For these common applications, you will want to order the appropriate accessories.

Q: When do I need to use the LSB100?:
A: Often times, ceiling structures will not allow the projector to be mounted in exact alignment with the projection screen. The LSB100 Lateral Shift Accessory saves time and hassles in trying to solve this common problem. Also use the LSB100 to easily accommodate different lens placement when projectors are replaced in existing installations.

Q: If I use the RPA with a Suspended Ceiling Kit, do I need an extension column?:
A: Yes. Any 1.5" NPT threaded extension column will work with Chief's Suspended Ceiling Kits.

Q: How does the RPA design create natural convection ventilation?:
A: Chief's brackets are custom designed to allow for airflow that ventilates and helps cool projectors.